HBS was founded in 1953, as a small, grass roots, Christian outpatient clinic and grew under the direction of the late William H.William Hodges, MD (Far Right) Hodges, MD, (05/1024 - 09/1995) to become one of Haiti's principal health centers. The HBS outpatient clinic, a very important and integral part of thWilliam Hodges, MD with patientse facility, is now well complemented by a full service laboratory and radiology department, pharmacy, maternity, adult ward, pediatrics and surgery. The 130 bed facility operates year round at 90% capacity or more.

HBS, a Haitian non-profit foundation, is funded from a variety of different sources both local and foreign. HBS annual budget is quite low, made possible through generous material and equipment donations, low administrative costs, a number of free programs and volunteerism.

During 1999, HBS underwent a major facelift and has focused on bringing up to date the health care and administrative procedures. HBS is continually searching for persons and ways to improve its services to better benefit the local population. Though very much a third world, tropical, medical facility, HBS finds ways to provide most of the health services and care that is so rarely found in this type of environment.